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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guest Blog: Kat Martin on writing trilogies

I never used to write trilogies. To begin with, you have to think up three stories all at once instead of creating them one at a time. Since I am a plot-driven writer, that posed a problem. It was hard enough to come up with one set of characters solving one or two (counting the subplot) sets of problems. I couldn’t imagine coming up with three to six sets of problems before I even started writing book number one.
Even in a trilogy, I do my best to write books that stand alone, meaning anyone can ready the books in any order. I think that is important, since readers often buy them out of sequence.

I like the idea that readers get to stay in touch with the people they have met in previous books, but as a writer, it requires a lot of extra work. I keep copious notes on who’s who and where they live and what their houses look like in each of the three different stories, then refer back to the lists when, for example, people from book number two visit people from books number one and so on.

And then, of course, the plots are often interwoven so notes must be made in that regard, as well. So you begin to see why my lazier side likes single title books and not linked books, though now I’m afraid my brain has started to think in threes so there are more trilogies on the way.
In September of 2009, ROYAL’S BRIDE was released, the first in my new Bride Trilogy. These have come out fairly close together, the tale of three brothers. REESES’S BRIDE came out in January 2010 and RULE’S BRIDE will be out at the end of April.

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